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Mrs. Lindsay Moore » FIDS - Flexible Instruction Days (cancelled school-days)

FIDS - Flexible Instruction Days (cancelled school-days)

Dear Important People At Home,

You received a letter from the district explaining that in the case of a school cancellation, the district may designate the day as a FIDS Day, in which students are required to complete pre-determined work to compensate for the lost instructional time. Using the one-call system, the district will notify you if the cancellation qualifies as a FIDS Day. Below are the FIDS Days requirements for students in Grade 1. The materials in this bag include assignments for up to (5) possible FIDS Days.


The work listed for each day must be completed in full and turned in within FIVE days of the FIDS day for your child to receive full credit for that day of school. If the work is not turned in within FIVE DAYS or if it is turned in but not complete, your child will not receive credit and will be marked as an unexcused absence for that day.




*use strategies counting on, drawing pictures, counting on, counting back, and using a number line


Read- “How to Make a Snow Person”


Complete- Sequence Events

Complete- Addition Associative Property Page 17

FIDS Day 2

Read- “I Need a Snow Day!”


Complete- Exclamatory Sentences

Complete- Addition & Subtraction Counting Strategies Page 23

FIDS Day 3

Read- “Hibernation”


Complete- Nouns

Complete- Addition & Subtraction within 10 Page 26

FIDS Day 4

Read- “Weird White House Pets”


Complete – Main Idea and Details

Complete- Addition & Subtraction within 20 Page 29

FIDS Day 5

Read- “Hatching Eggs”


Complete- Quick Check

Complete- Numbers to 120 Page 44


I will be available to answer questions or provide guidance on FIDS Days from 10:00am –2:00 pm. You may contact me via Classtag or my email-


  1. Store the FIDS PACK in a safe place until needed for a FIDS Day.
  2. Label all parts of the FIDS assignment with student’s name.
  3. Complete assignment for the specific FIDS day with your student.
  4. Return the assignment to school in student’s binder within 5 days of the FIDS day to receive full attendance credit for that FIDS day.
  5. Notify the classroom teacher immediately if you need another FIDS PACK.

As always, thank you for your support,

Mrs. Moore