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Welcome to 1A's website.  This is our interactive classroom webpage. Here you will find useful information about first grade.

Recent Posts

Happy New Year!! 1A has been hard at work getting into the learning groove and adapting to snow delay/cancellation schedules. Some of the changes taking place in our classroom include assessment expectations (please see letter attached to last week's reading test). 
In addition, we are getting familiar with PlayOsmo. This learning tool promotes higher-level thinking skills by engaging in electronic coding, vocabulary development, image-creation with tangrams, vocabulary and number operations, and digital design. The opportunities with this software are endless and are suited for the students' individual needs. Please stay tuned for photos and information regarding how we are using PlayOsmo to enhance the classroom learning-experience. You may click on the link below for more information about this program
On Wednesday, JMHS students visited Grade 1 to help students write letters to Santa. Thank you to those helpers for the gifts that you gave to our students and the time that you spent with them! Merry Christmas!


If your child has lost a clothing item at school, please send in a description of the item and the size. You may also  email me at There is a large amount of LOST AND FOUND items that have collected in the lobby and we may be able to locate your child's lost clothing item.
Mid-Quarter Progress Reports will be sent home with the students today. Please review, sign, and return the report to our classroom. Thank you!
Happy December!!

To close out our Thanksgiving week in 1A, Samuel brought in two large and delicious pumpkin pies. He personally topped them with whipped-cream and shared them with the class. They adored them!
Happy Thanksgiving to all of my 1A Families! I am thankful for all of you and your children!! Have a wonderful and safe holiday!
On Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, Robi brought in home-made cranberry sauce- another item on Junie B.'s thankful list. Every student was brave and tried the delightful treat, and most loved it! 
On Monday, Mallory brought in a treat with Rainbow Sprinkles. Rainbow Sprinkles were on the Thankful List that Junie B.'s class made!

Happy November!! (important info)

Over the next several weeks and months, please take note of assessment dates written by your student in their planner. Due to the upcoming holidays and school events, some assessments may not be on their typically scheduled days of the week - Thursdays and Fridays. It is important that students are exposed to the instruction for an adequate amount of time so that they may be successful learners. This may extend or modify testing dates. Our students will always be informed about their testing schedule and expectations. As always, thank you for your support.


Please have your student wear pink tomorrow in honor of breast cancer awareness month. Thank you for your support!

Reminder: Fall is in the Air

Please send a jacket to school with your child daily, or provide one for them to store in their locker. Your child may need these extra layers as they enjoy their outside recess time. Thank you!