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Mrs. Julie Clayton
Elementary Guidance Counselor
Phone: (724)883-2310 ext. 1238

Welcome to Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School Guidance webpage. Please browse through the website for information that may be helpful to you throughout the school year. As your schools guidance counselor I am here to help support your child as they develop academically and socially through their Elementary School experience. As a part of the guidance program students can receive support through individual counseling, small group counseling or classroom guidance lessons. I look forward to a wonderful school year at Jefferson-Morgan Elementary!

Career Awareness in Elementary School

The guidance program partners with our teachers to help provide student activities that develop skills that encourage success in future career and educational experiences. At PreK-2 level student are exposed to early career development skills through social skills. In grades 3-6 students will focus on awareness through various career awareness activities such as: our 5th career fair, 6th grade parent career speakers, career awareness inventories and classroom projects that identify their interests. Through identifying interests and careers students can begin to think about their options as they journey through middle and high school.

If you would like to be a career speaker for our students please contact the guidance office.

Below are some links that have some career information. Check them out!

What is the Elementary Student Assistance Program?

The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) helps remove barriers to learning and provide a support system for students through monitoring, intervention and referral.

Students can be referred to the ESAP program through a teacher, counselor, nurse, self-referral, parent, or administrator. However, the ESAP program will not begin without parent permission.

Do you see any of these behaviors?
  • Withdrawing from family or friends
  • Change in friends
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Unexplained sadness
  • Lying
  • Not wanting to attend school
  • Unexplained drop in grades
  • Signs that they are using drugs/alcohol
  • Change in behavior (aggressive, defying authority)

Are you concerned about your child’s reaction to:
  • A recent death of a loved one
  • Divorce
  • Family relocation
  • Other traumatic event
Members of Jefferson-Morgan Elementary Student Assistance Team:
  • Sam Silbaugh, Principal
  • Diane Moskola, Classroom Teacher
  • Michelle Murray, School Psychologist
  • Julie Clayton, Guidance Counselor
  • Kevin McCarty, Early Childhood Coordinator
Please contact one of the team members for more information.

Additional Parent Resources:
Big Brothers Big Sisters Program 
Mentoring Program with our high school students, please contact me if you are interested

College Savings Program
Grief  & Loss
Highmark Caring Place - 412-544-5799
 *peer grief support groups available at the elementary, please contact me for more information
Homework Help
 Suicide Prevention
hotline number 1-800-273-8255 
I welcome the opportunity to talk with you this school year. Please let me know how I may assist in helping your child have a successful, happy and productive school year! You can contact me at 724-883-2310 ext. 1213 or [email protected]
Please check the website throughout the year as new information is released such as: grade level speakers and testing dates.
Go Rockets!
Below are a few tips for talking to kids about Coronavirus/COVID 19

  • Stay Calm: our kids react based on OUR reactions
  • Talk about it: give facts but choose the facts you give to not cause added stress
  • Avoid 24/7 discussion over the topic 
  • Limit media exposure
  • Keep a schedule (if your child's campus is closed, create a schedule while they're home). We know kids thrive with routine especially during stressful times.