Jefferson-Morgan Elementary School

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Mission & Vision

The mission of the Jefferson-Morgan School District is to provide a learning environment that permits students to reach their full potential. To this end, we believe that the Jefferson-Morgan School District EXCELS!--Educational eXcellence + Caring Environment + Leadership = Success!


This mission statement is the focus of whole child development where every child achieves to the best of his/her abilities. Educational decisions and instructional design are guided by data analysis of student needs and strengths. Staff and students work together to maximize learning progress in safe, respectful classroom environments.


The Jefferson-Morgan School District's vision to educate all students through high quality instruction requiring the entire school community to focus on the following:


  • Matters related to literacy will dominate program development plans.
  • A PK-12 perspective will be emphasized in the curriculum with a focus on academic rigor across the school district.
  • Instructional expectations will be influenced by the PK-12 perspective.
  • Students and their achievement as the primary focus of the schools.
It is the intent of the Jefferson-Morgan School District to clarify and promote the value that all students can and will learn at higher levels.
  • The academic focus of the educational program must be emphasized for all students.
  • Individuals reach their fullest potential in a positive and safe environment where expectations are high and multiple forms of student assessments are used to promote upward growth in academic performance.
  • Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways.
  • Education is a team effort involving home, school and community.
  • A caring and supportive environment will enhance the social maturity of all students and enhance school district tactics to address negative attitudes of students toward academic excellence.
  • The school climate should contribute to the development of pride in the school by students, the professional staff and community.
  • Education provides the foundation for success.