Your child brought home a FIDS packet On Monday, November 25.  This work is to be completed in the event of a FIDS day, as designated by a phone-call from the Jefferson-Morgan School district on/prior-to the specific FIDS day. If you have any questions or need replacement work, please contact me through the messenger function of Classtag, or at

I thoroughly explained to the students the concept of a FIDS day and the FIDS packet. Below are a few of the topics that students asked about during our in-class discussion.

•FIDS work is not to be completed on any day, except when the district notifies families of a FIDS day.
•There may never be a need to complete the FIDS work if there is not a FIDS day in the 2019-20 school year.
•Holidays are never to be treated as FIDS days.
•In the event of more than (5) FIDS days, I will provide further direction.
•If a family is unaware that a day is a FIDS day, the student can still receive credit since they have up to 5 days to complete the FIDS assignment.

*If I think of any other questions/answers, I will post them on ClassTag.

Please contact me at anytime with your questions. As always, thank you for your support with this process.

Mrs. Faddis