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English Language Arts

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ELA - FIDS 15-17 
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Spelling -Study Spelling Words
Spelling - Study Spelling Words
Study Spelling Words
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So You Want to Be President

Vocabulary Words

Unit #2, Week 5

Study Guide


Constitution – (noun) the written set of fundamental principles by which the

                              United States is governed


howling – (adjective) very great


humble – (adjective) not proud


politics – (noun) the work of government; management of public business


responsibility – (noun) the act or fact of taking care of someone or

                                something; obligation


solemnly – (adverb) seriously; earnestly; with dignity


vain – (adjective) having too much pride in your looks or ability




Amazing Words



Congress                                                            oath


capital                                                               dome


Clerks                                                                Oval Office


Capitol                                                               national


President                                                            establish



Please study your vocabulary words, definitions, parts of speech, using vocabulary and amazing words in a sentence, same meaning words, genre of the story – expository text, and reread the story, “So You Want to Be President?” on pages 290-302.



So You Want to Be President

Spelling List,  (words with ear, ir, our, and ur)

Unit #2, Week 5

Study Guide


      return                                                                journal


       courage                                                             courtesy


      surface                                                              nourish


    purpose                                                             purse


          first                                                                   furniture


      turkey                                                               search


                                                heard                                                            curtain


      early                                                                 burrow


            turtle                                                                 hamburger


      birthday                                                             survey




Challenge Words


        turquoise                                                            flourish


               absurd                                                               nourishment









Bonus: direction