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Mr. Steve Roszak » Welcome to 5-B!

Welcome to 5-B!

5th Grade S.T.E.M./Social Studies


Dear Jefferson-Morgan Learning Community,


We have an exciting year of Science and Social Studies planned this year.  Here are the main topics we will be covering in each subject based upon the Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards and Anchors:


  • The Nature of Science/Technology – our students will be making observations using microscopes
  • Biological Science – our students will compare and categorize organisms and discover that all living things are made up of cells 
  • Physical Science – our students will create machines that solve real-world problems
  • Earth and Space Science – our students will discover our solar system beyond Earth 


Social Studies

  • U.S. History – Establishment of Colonial America to 1800s
  • Geography 

I am available for questions/concerns.  Contact me by calling (724)-883-2310 or by emailing  I look forward to a great school year!


Also, check out our class on!


Mr. Roszak

5th Grade S.T.E.M./Social Studies

Jefferson-Morgan Elementary